Kathryn M. Phelan, Principal
Kathryn M. Phelan served as Principal of P.S. 11 from 1974 to
1980.  In the words of former staff members, she was a
wonderfully kind and caring person.  She was an excellent
principal, as she knew the name of every child in the school.  She
went to students' homes when they were in trouble or needed
help.  She was very supportive of her staff, and very professional.   
As demanding as she was, she was always fair to all.  She was a
strong, stately woman who had a powerful presence but gentle at
the same time.  While still working, she was diagnosed with
cancer.  She continued to work for a short while but became too
weak to continue.  Sadly she passed away shortly after that.  It
was a very emotional time for all of the P.S. 11 community.  She
was loved by all.  The parents who also loved and greatly
respected her, felt that the school should be named after her (it
had no name at the time).  A short time after that, the naming of the
school was approved by the Community School Board and the
Chancellor's Office and P.S. 11 became known as the
Kathryn M. Phelan School.
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