Why was P.S. 11's  Mini-School called the
Dr. Vivian Kalogeras- Anemoyanis School?
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Dr. Vivian Kalogeras-Anemoyanis served as principal of P.S. 11 from 1980 to 2001.  P.S.
11’s Mini School was built in 1990 with 11 classrooms to help alleviate overcrowding at
the time. In 2003 the Mini School was named after Dr. Anemoyanis to commemorate her
dedication in her fight to expand the school and her 21 years of service to the children of
PS 11.  Who would have thought that just 15 short years after it was built, the Mini School
would have to be taken down to make room for an even bigger school building to help
accommodate our growing population of students!
What Happened to P.S. 11's  Mini-School?
PS 11's Mini School had to be taken down in June 2015 in order to build a new addition to
the school's main building.
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