The PS 11 Planet
 Several 4th Graders in various classes have been
working on creating a 4th Grade newspaper for P.S.
11Q.  After brainstorming for ideas to write about, these
students interviewed different individuals and workd on
writing skills related to journalism. The culmination of
their hard work can be recognized in the publication,
The P.S. 11 Planet.  Click on the link below and take a
moment or two to peruse the newspaper, and enjoy the
different stories associated with our wonderful school!
School Newspaper!
Principal for the Morning!
School Newspaper!
School Newspaper!
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The lucky winner of the PTA's Raffle
"Principal for the Morning" was Nina of
Class 102.  Ms. Nina did a wonderful
job tending to the duties and and
overseeing the routines as Principal of
PS 11!