Progress Report 2010-11
Quality Review Report 2013-14
N.Y.C. School Survey 2010-11
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This report tells you what parents, teachers, and students said about
learning conditions at your school in our annual survey. This
information is designed to support a dialogue among all members of
the school community on how to make the school a better place for
The Quality Review is a two- or three-day school visit by
experienced educators to each New York City school. During the
review, the external evaluator visits classrooms, talks with school
leaders, and uses a rubric to evaluate how well the school is
organized to educate its students.
Each school's Progress Report (1) measures student year-to-year
progress, (2) compares the school to peer schools and (3) rewards
success in moving all children forward, especially children with the
greatest needs. Strong Progress Report results are the basis for
monetary rewards for school leaders, and poor results are an
important factor in determining whether schools require intensive
support or intervention.
Dennis M. Walcott, Chancellor
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Progress Report 2011-12
School Survey 2013-14
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